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How to Replace & Assembly Kokoro One Touch Plus Porcelain

Now our thermal flask series comes with removable inner porcelain. Choose between the two materials (outer - stainless steel) as you like.  It can now be used as Stainless Steel Flask perfect for water or together as a porcelain thermos.  Sustainable, stain & smell free, and keeps you drinks hot or cold for up to 8 hours.

Our previous version of Kokoro One Touch received a warm welcome, raising almost S$280,000 in Taiwan crowdfunding. Now it comes with better innovation, developed based on feedbacks from our past customers!

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Best-seller in lots of countries, and better.
Our first release of Kokoro has been a huge success. It has been sold in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, and more, but we didn’t stop here. We have listened to our customer's feedback and decided to make new improvements: a 2-in-1 flask with removable inner porcelain. Multifunctional and modular, a perfect fit to suit any of your drinking preferences!

Stay hydrated with a 2-in-1 Thermal Flask

The first thermal flask that can be disassembled into two - porcelain and stainless steel. Suitable to accompany on any occasion. Need space for both coffee and water? Use Kokoro One Touch Plus in two ways! Use it nested together to transform it into a porcelain thermos.

Solid Porcelain: No Stain, No Smell, easier to clean

Porcelain is made from kaolin clay and fired at temperatures as high as 2,600°F. This makes its pores extremely fine, makes it easy to clean, and prevents any stain and smell from being trapped and lingers on them. 100% BPA free, porcelain preserves your beverage's authentic taste, so you can enjoy the best of your drinks.

The Difference

One of the popular questions being asked is: What is the main difference between porcelain and traditional ceramic? The main difference is the size of the surface pores, as traditional ceramic has larger pores that can easily trap dirt over time.

304 Stainless Steel Outer, Superior Heat Retention

Kokoro One Touch’s exterior is made out of 304 high-grade stainless steel which is double insulated. It is able to keep your beverages hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. 


Keep your beverages at your desired temperature all day. Use it on its own to keep your iced water cold all day long!

Lightweight, Bring It Anywhere You Go

Designed to be lightweight, you can quench your thirst anywhere you go. If you're able to carry your daily belongings that weigh heavier, then you can bring Kokoro One Touch Plus everywhere!

What makes Kokoro One Touch Plus multifunctional and modular?

What is "One Touch"?

"One Touch" means you can access your drink as easily as a one-touch. Using one click to open the cap, you can enjoy your drink effortlessly. The push-type pop-up cap is designed to open when pressed, and it can be opened easily.

The one-touch cap is also equipped with a buckle to lock the cap, avoiding sudden opening of the cap and leaking. 

New Improvements

Comes with 2-in-1 flask with removable inner porcelain! Multifunctional and modular, a perfect fit to suit any of your drinking preferences!

100% Leakproof

The silicone ring in the middle of the cap is designed to directly contact the flask’s rim. This will not only prevent the liquid from leaking but also aid in rententing the temperature of the flask.

Removable Straw

Now enjoy slurping your favorite boba with removable straw! Designed to be able to pop out and tucked back in with just one touch. Made from Tritan material, our straw is 100% BPA free.

Available in 4 Colors, 2 Sizes

Kokoro One Touch Plus comes in 2 convenient sizes: Small 450ml & Medium 550ml

And currently available in 4 colors: Black, Pink, White, Blue, Green, and Purple.

Designed with Retractable Handle

Kokoro One Touch retractable handle is designed to help you carry your flask conveniently. It is strong to withstand the weight of the thermal flask and the drink inside.

Replaceable Porcelain Interior

In addition of all, if something unfortunate happened and the porcelain is damaged, it is replaceable. Making KOKORO the most sustainable porcelain thermal flask.

Get 180 Days Warranty

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How Does The Warranty Work?

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Applicable if damaged within 180 days, starting after the registration is activated, for all backers, for one-time porcelain inner change. 

Simply email us with your order details.