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LUNA Flask is Available Now!

Introducing our new product, LUNA. A Dual Multifunction Thermal Flask that can be used in multiple ways.

Multiple Ways to Drink

Luna comes with dual multifunction caps and allows you to drink it your way!


Swipe open the cap to easily enjoy your drink!

Click open to drink from the built-in straw, perfect when you’re on-the-go.

Porcelain rim, gentle on the lips when drinking.

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Built-in Straw

Comes with an attached straw, it’s perfect for when you’re on the go. This feature is also completed with a safety lock mechanism.

Worry-free, this safety lock will ensure the straw stays in place, and is 100% Leak-proof.


The 2-in-1 function comes with a Mouthpiece, so you can choose how to enjoy your drink, as you prefer! And most importantly, the mouthpiece feature offers easy pouring! It also prevents spilling when you drink straight from the mouthpiece.

Interchangeable Cap

The Cap can be changed to the Porcelain Cap according to your daily needs! Whenever you’re on-the-go, or in need to store a large number of drinks for occasions, we’ve got you covered.

This Cap inner material is 100% pure porcelain, easy-to-clean, would not leave any stain or smell after use, and is perfectly safe and good for health.

Porcelain Interior

The inner material of the Flask is made from 100% Pure Porcelain, making it perfect to store any kind of drink.

Easy to Clean

The wide rim of the Flask makes it easy to clean. The nature of the porcelain porous material itself makes it easy to remove any grease or stains.

Completely Leakproof

No more spill-off! Do not worry because the Luna Flask is 100% Leak-proof.

Vacuum Insulated

It is able to keep your beverages hot and cold for up to 8 hours.

Carry with Ease

The Dual Multi-Function Cap comes with an attached Silicone Handle, which is perfect for ease of convenience.

Retractable Handle

The Porcelain Cap also comes with a retractable handle that you just need to hold up to bring anywhere. When not in use, just put it back in place.

Available in 2 Colors, 520ml Capacity

Suitable for large takeaway coffee. Luna is available in beige & mint color.