Kokoro Porcelain Thermal Flask

Sustainable Porcelain Thermal Flask. Stain and smell free, no more metallic taste. With an interior made of replaceable 100% Fine Porcelain, keeping beverages hot or cold for over 8 hours. ​

Best-seller in lots of countries

Kokoro Porcelain Thermal Flask has been sold in some countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. We are glad that people love Kokoro Porcelain Thermal Flask as much as we do.

This project has sold over S$500,000 in Taiwan alone.

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Interior Made of 100% Solid Porcelain

One of Kokoro's main key features is its interior made of 100% solid high-grade porcelain with its exterior made of 304 high-grade stainless steel.

No More Metallic Taste and Lingering Smell

Say no more to metallic taste in your drinks. Porcelain preserves your beverage's authentic taste. Enjoy the best of your drinks.

Since the inner flask is porcelain, Swanz Kokoro is 100% BPA Free, free from metal and chemical leachings.



Naturally Easy to Clean

Porcelain is made from kaolin clay and fired at temperatures as high as 2,600°F. This makes porcelain pores extremely fine, making it easy to clean and preventing any stain and smell to linger on them.

One of the popular questions is being asked: What is the main difference between porcelain and ceramic? The main difference is the size of the surface pores. Ceramic has relatively larger pores compared to porcelain, resulting in stains that might still occur in common ceramic. Which will not happen in porcelain.

No Peeling Off

Another common question to be asked is what is the difference between solid porcelain and ceramic coating? Ceramic coatings are only a coating, they might peel off and have the risk of peeling off residues being consumed.

Swanz Kokoro interior is made of 100% Solid porcelain. Not coated.

Table of Comparison

Swanz Kokoro interior is made of 100% Solid porcelain. Not coated.


Replaceable Porcelain Interior

In addition of all, if something unfortunate happened and the porcelain is damaged, it is replaceable. Making KOKORO the most sustainable porcelain thermal flask.

Get 180 Days Warranty

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Kokoro Assembly Method

100% Chemical Free

With its solid porcelain interior, Kokoro is naturally chemical free. 100% BPA, chemical, and metal leaching free. We don't just stop there, we elevated our manufacturing methods. ​

Common porcelain thermal flask assembled by using various chemical compounds such as glue or chemical adhesive. Using our Japan patented unique construction design, Kokoro's assembly method is free from any chemical compounds.


We pay attention to the smallest details of Kokoro. Each of its features is designed to elevate your drinking experience.

Integrated Porcelain Strainer

You can add an integrated whole porcelain tea strainer for your Kokoro Thermal Flask. Smart design allows users to drink tea without mess. It is suitable to be used for loose tea as well. Tea lovers, this is a product you have been waiting for.

Double Wall Insulation

Kokoro's exterior is made out of 304 high-grade stainless steel with double wall insulation feature. It is able to keep your beverages hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 hours.

Keep your beverages at your desired temperature all day.

Built-in Handle

Swanz Kokoro flasks come with a built-in handle made with strong durable material. It can withstand loads of up to 5kg, more than the weight of our flasks when full of drinks.

Strong durable material. Able to withstand for up to 5kg.

Add On Acc: Silicone Lid

Replace the cap and turn Kokoro into a traveling mug. Able to be used with straw and drink on the go. Made of 100% baby-safe heat-resistant silicone. 

3 Different Sizes

Kokoro comes in 3 convenient sizes, 450ml, 550ml, 680ml. Perfectly fits takeaway coffee for you coffee drinkers. 

Colour Options

Kokoro comes in 6 colors, blue, white, black, pink, purple, and the newest one, green.

How The Warranty Works

Applicable if damaged within 180 days, starting after the registration is activated, for all backers, for one-time porcelain inner change. Simply send the thermal flask with damaged porcelain to our nearest service centers (located in Singapore, Taiwan, and China). Then we will change the porcelain and ship it back to you.