OHAYO Bento is Now Upgraded!

Our porcelain bento now comes with better heat retention, more storage with a new silicone separator, and in new exciting colors!

Still focusing on porcelain material, Ohayo Bento Plus is not only beautiful with more colors, but also innovative and functional for every home.

Silicone Strap

Upgraded leak-proof mechanism with a Slip-on Tab to store cutleries. Our patented Silicone Flap Cover is now paired with a Silicone Strap. Not only is it more leak-proof, it has better heat retention.

Silicone Separator

Detachable separator as an additional container. It is equipped with a spiral groove in the middle that will separate oil from food. No more food mixing together, no more excess oil.

New Colors & Patterns

Ohayo Bento and Bowl come in FOUR new colors: Yellow, Blue, Grey, and Pink. The Ohayo Bag also comes in two new patterns: Red Paradise and Oriental Yellow. Style your way!

Bento Art by Eve Tong

A Singaporean Food Blogger, Eve Tong created a very cute steamed egg with our Swanz Ohayo Bento & Bowl. Let's create yours & don't forget to tag us if u post it!


2 Different Sizes

Perfect size for one meal. Many lunch boxes box in the market just do not have a perfect size. Perfect size to be held on hand, perfect size for your food. Mix and match size and capacity to your needs and preference. Ohayo Bento is designed to be perfect for your meals. Not too big, not too small. ​

Ohayo Bento comes in 2 different sizes: ​

  • 650ml single
  • 900ml single

8 Different Colors

Ohayo Bento comes in 4 NEW colours: ​

  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Mint
  • Lilac

Collect all of the colors!

Multifunctional and Versatile

Able to be used in different house appliances, Ohayo bento box is microwave, steamer, oven, and fridge safe. With the silicone lid, storage is made easy with Ohayo. Keeping bad odors from the fridge.

Easier To Clean

Perfect Material. Made of natural porcelain material. 100% free from rust, metal leaching, and chemical leaching. No leftover stain or smell. Porcelain interior with built-in compartment. It is also able to be configured differently depending on your needs.

Placemat Ohayo Bag

When carrying a lunch, I am most afraid of leaking dirty bags and eating cold lunches. The multi-function insulation bag can be stored and kept warm, and can also be turned into a placemat, allowing you to take a lunch with peace of mind.

Make any place on your eating table. When an accident happened and you accidentally spill some, rest easy and just wipe it clean with 1 simple swipe. All without getting your table dirty.