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Kokoro Food Warmer

Food storage is made easy with Kokoro Food Warmer. Comes with removable fine porcelain bowls, easy to take out, keep, replaced, and clean.

What's New?

Finally, it's here! The perfect companion for Swanz Food Warmer! Introducing Ohayo Silicone Sleeve. Perfectly turns your Kokoro Food Warmer Bowls into beautiful food containers. ​

A bundle set of Ohayo Food Warmer consists of:

  • 1x Kokoro Stainless Steel Container
  • 1x Porcelain Bowl B 550ml
  • 1x Porcelain Bowl C 300ml
  • 1x Ohayo 550ml Silicone
  • 1x Ohayo 300ml Silicone
  • 1x Water Resistant Bag
  • 1x Porcelain Cutlery Set
  • 2x Silicone Lid
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Removable Fine Porcelain Bowl

Swanz Kokoro is designed with removable fine porcelain bowls. Easy to stack the porcelain bowls according to your needs. Bowls come in 3 different sizes: 300ml, 550ml and 1100ml.

Suitable for All Kinds of Food

All Swanz products are made of fine porcelain, suitable for any kind of food without having the risk of metal leaching or chemical reactions. Keeping food fresh all day.

Kokoro Food Warmer is suitable for any occasion, be it for picnic, bento lunch, or keeping food at home. Exterior made of high-grade vacuum insulated 304 Stainless Steel. Able to keep food hot or cold for at least 6 hours.

Easy to Clean. No Leftover Stain or Smell.

Easy to Clean. No Leftover Stain or Smell.

All Swanz products are easy to clean. Simply use soap and soft sponge to clean. No leftover stain or smell.

No Leaking. Easy Clean Silicone.

Equipped with our signature Easy Clean silicone, Swanz Kokoro exterior is completely leak proof. Made of baby safe material, it is easy to take out and to clean. 100% food safe and BPA Free.

Extra silicone replacement are available for sale in our official webstore.

High Insulation Power. Able to Cook

With high insulation power, Kokoro Food Warmer is able to transform into a magic cooking pot. Cook your favorite dish such as porridge and rice with Kokoro Food Warmer. (Steep in a stove for 3 mins first before pouring into the food warmer);


We have additional accessories such as a water-resistant Draw-String Bag and Porcelain Cutlery Set to complete your food warmer. 

Draw-String Bag

Available in 2 sizes, M & L. Since it's leakproof, this bag gives you double protection. Bag straps are adjustable and able to be used 2 ways. Interior made of water-resistant, making it easy to clean.

Porcelain Cutlery

Let's add on these 2 accessories to complete your food warmer set!

2 Different Sizes

Ohayo Silicone Sleeves comes in

2 different sizes: ​

  • Snack Bowl Size - 300ml
  • Lunch Bowl Size - 550ml

Snack bowl perfect for your fruits, snacks, and appetizers. Lunch bowl is perfect for 1 meal. It fits 1 portion of takeaway noodles.

8 Different Colors

Ohayo Silicone Sleeves now has 4 new colors: ​

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Mint
  • Lilac

Collect all of the colors!

Kokoro Medium Food Warmer

1) 1100ml - 1pc Porcelain A (1100ml)

2) 850ml - 1pcs Porcelain B (550ml) + 1 pc Porcelain C (300ml)

Kokoro Large Food Warmer

1) 1400ml - 1pc Porcelain A (1100ml) + 1 pc Porcelain C (300ml)

2) 1150ml - 1pcs Porcelain B (550ml) + 2 pc Porcelain C (300ml)